Nestled in the vibrant heart of Montreal, PrepFox stands as a beacon of storage excellence, catering to businesses at every stage of their journey. From our inception, we’ve been driven by one mission: offering impeccable storage solutions that align with the visions of budding entrepreneurs and the practicalities of established businesses, all without compromising on budgetary considerations.

Are you a fledgling startup seeking a secure space for your growing inventory? An established brand looking for additional storage without the hefty price tag? Or perhaps an individual on the cusp of a business venture, not yet ready to invest in expansive space? PrepFox’s storage warehouse is your answer. 

Welcome to Montreal's Premier Storage Warehouse

Here's what sets us apart:

Strategically Located

Being rooted in Montreal, a city synonymous with business dynamism, our warehouse is perfectly positioned to facilitate your storage needs with ease.

Absolute Transparency

Say goodbye to hidden fees. Our no handling charges policy, combined with straightforward pricing, reinforces our commitment to honest service.

Incentives for Loyalty

We celebrate enduring partnerships. That’s why we roll out exclusive discounts for those who choose long-term storage solutions with us.

Versatility in Storage

Whether it’s our expansive 40”X 48”X 48” storage pallets or the compact storage boxes, we’ve designed our warehouse to cater to a spectrum of business needs.

Affordable Excellence

Our rates, starting as attractively as $5.00 per month, ensure you receive outstanding value for your investment.



Please Note: The following items are not included in any of our storage plans:

  1. Insurance coverage.
  2. Shipping fees from our warehouse to third parties, such as Amazon.
  3. Packing materials, when needed.