We have been helping businesses with their fulfillment and shipping needs since 2009

At PrepFox we believe that high quality service and low cost shipping should be available to everyone.

Our main motive is to meet your logistics needs, we accompany your products from the moment they come from your suppliers to the moment they reach the final consumers.

We pack, repack, bundle, wrap, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, label exchange and label most of your wholesale products received and processed directly from the manufacturer.

We make it our priority that the packaging of your product meets the standard guidelines set by UPS, Amazon Canada Post or any major carriers or marketplaces. 



As an Amazon FBA seller, there will be occasions when you need to recall a product. The item was returned by the customer and becomes Unfulfillable or maybe it was damaged and marked as unsellable.  We can take care of this for you. 

We will receive your Amazon FBA Product Returns, carefully inspect them, and determine their condition. Items that are damaged, used, or with missing parts can be photographed so you can file for reimbursement from Amazon. 

If an item can’t be sent back in to Amazon FBA, we can donate it to a local charitable organization, dispose of it, or forward it to the address of your choice.


Avoid Long-Term Storage Fees (LTSF) when items have not sold within 365 days. Each month, items more than 365 days old will be assessed a LTSF equal to $6.90 per cubic foot or $0.15 per item, whichever is greater. This fee will continue to be charged each month until those items are either sold or removed from the Amazon FBA Fulfillment Center.

Our Amazon FBA Removal Service can help clients avoid Long Term Storage Fees (LTSF) by offering a managed service for unsold products to be returned to you at our location. As the items arrive, We accept the delivery, unpack, inspect and confirm each item against your inventory list. The monthly storage rates are much more reasonable than using Amazon’s FBA warehouse as a storage facility. Amazon FBA Removal Service is perfect for seasonal items too. Our monthly storage rates are much more affordable than Amazon’s FBA rates. We accept the delivery, unpack, inspect and confirm the items against the inventory list. 


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