( Frequently asked question )

Service Questions

The minimum job order is $50 and include any combination of our services offered.

Unlike other service providers, we do not charge a set-up fee nor a monthly recurring fee. We only charge for services rendered.

Your job is our utmost importance. We will do our best to receive and process your inbound orders within 48 hours. This means we will notify you with a inbound report on all items received and notify you of any inbound issues.

With Amazon’s new Supplier Connect Program, you can create a limited account which allows you to share your FBA shipment plans with us. Read more about the program here:

Receiving and Storage

Our warehouse is 20 miles from the Los Angeles/Long Beach port. You should ship sea freight to one of these ports.

We do our best to provide the best customer experience possible. We will notify you when the goods are received and provide you with an inbound report within 48 hours of delivery.

Yes! We can store part of your goods for delayed forwarding. Just tell us what your shipping plans are during your job order so we can know what to expect.

We do not accept customer returned products or removal orders at this time. Removal orders must be shipped back to the merchant. Any returned items sent back to us will be disposed of.

Small Parcel receiving means that your goods will arrive to us as single or multiple cartons by normal courier (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc). Container Receiving means that your cartons will be palletized and arrive to us by a trailer or container. The difference really is the volume of goods. Small Parcel usually refers to a smaller volume of goods than Container (LTL/LCL) shipments. Small parcel shipments may also be received across multiple days whereas container shipments arrive all at once.

Importing Questions

We accept all goods that abide by Amazon selling terms. We do not accept hazardous material, counterfeit goods or any other Amazon prohibited items.

Yes! We can help international sellers import, receive/prep, and forward their goods to FBA. Please contact us for more info.

We have been shipping products to FBA for 10 years now. We have a team of oversees freight forwarders in China and USA customs brokers that can help you with the entire import process. We can help transport your goods directly from the manufacturers warehouse in to our receiving warehouse in Los Angeles for FBA prep and forward your goods to the Amazon fulfillment center.

Importing into the USA requires an EIN/Social Security Number to clear customs and for IRS reporting. This is referred to as the Import of Record. Unfortunately, we cannot act as your import of record. We offer only a delivery destination address for your import cargo.

Prep and Cargo Forwarding

Sorry we do not process used or liquidated items. All items must be in “New” condition. Any items received that are not New will be returned back to the merchant as the merchants expense.

The easiest and most common option is to use one of the Amazon partnered carriers for both SPD and LTL shipments. The merchant will supply us with carton / pallet labels along with shipping plan information from Seller Central before we can ship to Amazon FBA. We also have negotiated LTL rates with our own partner carriers that you can compare with.

Carton forward with no prep means that all your goods arrive to us fully prepped and ready to forward to Amazon FBA. All goods should arrive with FNSKU labels already attached. We will apply the outer carton shipping label generated from Seller Central and ship the cartons out. No inspection will be performed on inner items for case-packed cartons.

Company and Warehouse Questions

We have been shipping and selling on Amazon FBA for 10 years now. We’ve extended our 3PL and FBA prep services to 3rd parties since 2017.

Along with full camera surveillance, our warehouse location has a full business property insurance policy in place to cover against fire and theft.

Payment Information

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal as payment options. There is a 3.5% service charge for Direct credit card payments

A deposit of 50% will be processed when an order is placed. The balance will be charged when the job is complete.