We Provide receipt and forwarding boxes to Amazon FBA if your products already prep by suppliers as per amazon standard.

If all you need is receipt and forwarding of un-inspected boxes to Amazon and yourproducts already prep by manufacture companies as per amazon standard and  ready to go to Amazon, we can store your product in our warehouse and ship your products to Amazon fulfilment centers by time to time as per you requirements.

We will provide you with the weights and dimensions of the boxes so you can generate your labels via your Seller Central account and will then send them on.

We’ll make sure that your cartons meet Amazon receiving criteria, you to take advantage of our box forwarding services.

Amazon Box Forwarding Pricing

$4.99 per box  1-39 boxes,

$3.99 for 40-59 boxes,

$3.00. 60+ boxes, This is through UPS only.

Carton per carton to inspect (external only). And deliver to UPS or other Amazon partnered carriers.

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